• If you are inquiring about a cake for your event, the best way to reach me is by email  TracysCustomCakery@gmail.com or by using the Contact Us  form​ on this website.
  • Please have the following information ready: Exact date of event, # of servings, theme or any ideas/elements you'd like to see on your cake. 
  • All order inquiries must provide an approximate number of servings UNLESS YOU ARE BOOKING MORE THAN 3 MONTHS OUT. I can no longer accept orders without this info. Policies for final serving amounts will be outlined in your contract when you order. 
  • All correspondence and quotes are done by e-mail. Details can be finalized by phone but everything leading up to final details will be by email ONLY
  • I am a one-woman bakery and work out of a commercial kitchen in my home so I can only take on a limited number of cakes per week. Cakes are taken on a weekend basis of Thursday thru Saturday. Delivery is available on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and Saturday afternoons. Unfortunately I cannot accomodate weekday deliveries.
  • Typically I book 4-6 weeks in advance and sometimes further during busy seasons. It's never to early to book your cake! Dates can be reserved with a retainer.
  • ​Prices are dependent upon many factors including # of servings, complexity of design and time to complete. Single tier and multi-tiered cakes generally START at $7.50-10 per serving with a $150 minimum order.  Cupcakes start at $45 per dozen for plain buttercream iced, $50 per dozen & up for toppers and $60-65 per doz for floral cupcakes. 3D and sculpted cakes START at $15-20 per serving. 

  • $150 minimum order for custom cakes. Serving minimums for other orders are 1 dozen for cupcakes (single flavor). Macarons, standard and gourmet cookies are sold by the dozen with a one dozen minimum. First birthday smash cakes are not available for order by themselves. A standard cake or cupcake order must be placed to receive a smash cake (pricing for smash cakes depend on size/design)

  • ​I DO NOT offer sheet cakes of any sort. We also do not offer decorated sugar cookies (Except for PYO Cookies on occasion) number shaped cakes or cupcake pull apart cakes. 

  • Because of the time-consuming, hand crafted nature of our products, I do NOT offer discounts or refunds! 

  • All cake orders require a 50% retainer to secure the event date. Retainers are non-refundable and non-transferable. No order is considered booked until the retainer is paid. Orders booking 3+ months or more in advance require a $100 retainer. For custom cake orders booking 3 months or less out AND/OR in the months of May and June, an approximate serving amount must be established at time of order. Retainer will be based off of the serving estimate.

  • Cakes ordered with 14 days notice or less will require full payment at the time of ordering. 

  • I am COMPLETELY CLOSED on Sundays and do not offer pickups or deliveries. You may arrange to pick up your cake during Saturday pickup times. Deliveries for Sunday orders can be made on Saturday to your house.   I DO NOT recommend leaving cakes in a venue commercial refrigerator overnight unless the venue can verify that cakes with fondant or fondant decorations can be safely stored without melting. Commercial refrigerators are very high humidity and decorations tend to melt. 

*Please have ready the number of servings, EXACT DATE, and design idea before contacting us. I cannot hold spots for approximate dates. If we ask questions by email, please try to read them thoroughly and answer each one. All of this information will help things run smoothly for both of us.

*When deciding on number of servings, PLEASE give me the number of servings of people you anticipate will eat cake. Too often I am told a specific and large number of servings and as the date gets closer, the number is decreased because "not everyone will eat cake". I do book orders according to size/refrigerator space. If you tell me you want a large amount of servings then decrease it, it's unfair to those I had to turn away. If you will have other desserts, you can plan for less cake servings. If cake is the only dessert, you should plan for at least most of your guests to eat cake. I reserve the right to charge a fee or not apply your deposit to your cake cost if you severely decrease your serving amount within 30 days of your event. 

*If you have photos of the design you are looking for, please send them my way! I can try to replicate it best I can but cannot guarantee exact. Please choose your designs carefully. If you choose a photo of a cake decorated in fondant and you don't want fondant, I might not be able to duplicate the design. And please keep in mind that not everything can be made into cake ;)

*Sculpted toppers and decorations are priced according to size, design and time involved. I typically do not sculpt people figures. I try to stick to simple designs such as animals, fish, etc. Sculpting is an art in itself and I am a cake decorators first and foremost. If you are looking for an EXACT replica of a certain person, character etc for cake, please consider purchasing a toy or figurine. 

*Have a budget in mind when inquiring about your cake. This will help me to come up with a design that fits your budget.....if your budget is within reason. Please keep in mind that custom cakes take a lot of time, skill and expense and will most definitely cost more than what you find in a grocery store.

*If the price quoted is higher than you expected, please let me know! Depending on the design requested I may be able to modify the design to bring the price down. If I "hear crickets" after quoting a price, I can't help you with a design to hopefully fit your budget! It will NOT hurt my feelings if you decide to go another direction! So please be honest! 

*If you place an order, please get your deposit, contract and other information to me before the due date.  I am a very busy bakery and really do not have time to chase everyone down for details. Getting your deposit in immediately and your information/details back in a timely manner will prevent losing your spot or incurring a late fee.

  • Due to being home-based, I do not offer in-person consultations
  • I do not offer sit-down/in person tastings. You may order a sampler of 3 mini cakes (4 inch cakes with a thin layer of filling.  You will be provided with a menu of flavors and fillings available based on what I'm baking that week. Since I do not have a storefront, I do not bake every day and flavors are limited. Price is $50 per sampler. At least one week notice is needed. Please call or email to order your sampler. Full payment is due at the time of order. 
  • All major credit cards, Venmo and cash are acceptable forms of payments. You may request an email invoice to pay for retainers and advance order payments securely online. 

Payments Accepted:

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